• What is Academic & Career Planning? 

    Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is a student-driven, ongoing process that actively engages students, enabling them to:

    • Understand their own interests, strengths, values, and learning styles,
    • Create a vision of their future,
    • Develop individual goals, and 
    • Prepare a personal plan for achieving their vision and goals. 

    There are four stages to successful Academic and Career Planning (ACT): 

    1. KNOW - Who am I? Getting to know my interests, skills, and strengths. 

    2. EXPLORE - Where do I want to go? Explore career pathways and educational opportunities. 

    3. PLAN - How do I get there? Setting goals, choosing courses, joining clubs & activities, writing resumes. 

    4. GO - GO! Recalculate as needed.