Asbestos Notification

  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act.  Each school is required to complete a stringent inspection for asbestos and develop a plan of management for asbestos-containing building materials.  Columbus School District shall continue to maintain a safe environment for parents, students, visitors, and employees.

    District Buildings were inspected by EPA accredited inspectors and samples analyzed by an independent lab.  Based on the inspection, a state approved comprehensive management plan was made for handling asbestos within our buildings.  Columbus School District has completed its AHERA 3-Year Re-inspection requirement.  The buildings, where asbestos-containing materials were found, are encapsulated or removed. 

    An Operations and Maintenance Program has been implemented.  Federal law requires a six-month walk-through of areas containing asbestos.  Buildings are re-inspected every three years.  Environmental Management Consultants (EMC) is our contractor. 

    Columbus School District maintains a list of materials found in each school building and a description and time table for proper management.  A copy is available for review at District Office.  Please contact Josh Carter, Facilities Manager, or Beth Munson, Director of Business Services, for more information.  920.623.5950. 

    To discuss the management of asbestos materials or with a question, EMC is available at 920.648.6343.