• The support of schools by businesses and community members is greatly appreciated and valued.  Therefore, the District would like to alert businesses and community members that the Superintendent approves fundraisers for the school district. For additional information, please contact the Business Administrator, Beth Munson, at 920.623.5950.

    District policy and regulation 5830 also provides additional information about fundraising in the Columbus School District.


    The fundraising requests are posted in the fundraising calendar.  This calendar can be seen by completing the following directions:

    1. Click on calendar button on dark gray bar at top of webpage.
    2. Click on customize calendar view.
    3. Click on light gray pencil next to "calendars".
    4. Click on add/remove.
    5. Click on other areas.
    6. Click on small box until check mark appears next to Fundraising calendar.
    7. Click "I'm done".  

    The fundraising calendar should now be visible with the District calendar.  You can add other calendars by following the above directions - but choose which calendar you would like to see on step 6.