Columbus School District Education Endowment

 Endowment Grant Winners:

Endowment Grant Winners
  • About

    The Columbus School District Endowment is a non-profit organization that raises funds and provides resources for the educational enrichment of students and staff in the Columbus School District. Interest earned from the fund is used for teacher/staff grants.


    TO support innovation and excellence in learning by building partnerships within our community.


    • Build partnerships with our citizens, businesses, parents, staff, former staff, and alumni.
    • Serve as an independent repository for private giving through endowment, pass-through grants and scholarships.
    • Ensure equitable access to learning opportunities.
    • Enrich learning by funding innovative and creative programs and experiences in our district.

    Programs Supported

    Some contributions are invested in an endowment for long-term growth. Others are used for immediate needs, such as grants that provide students with inspiring experiences.

    Our Partner

    The Columbus School District Education Endowment was established in 2013 as an Acorn Fund of the Madison Community Foundation (MCF). The relationship with the MCF maximizes earnings, secures principal, and minimizes administrative costs.

    Endowment Board

    The Endowment is managed and operated by 7-9 volunteers from our community who care for our schools.


    If you would like to donate, please go to the Columbus School District Endowment  
    Fund ID:  1030762


    If you would like to serve on the Endowment Board, contact Superintendent Jacob Flood at 920.623.5950 or