National Honor Society By-Laws

  • Article I – Name

    Section 1: The name of this organization shall be The Columbus High School National Honor Society in affiliation with the National Honor Society.

    Article II – Purpose

    Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in students at Columbus High School.

    Section 2: The Columbus High School National Honor Society will recognize, by membership, those students who display the attributes listed above, as judged by the Faculty Selection Committee.

    Article III – Powers

    Section 1: The organization has the right to organize activities that will be performed by the members and overseen by the adviser(s).

    Section 2: The Principal of Columbus High School has the right to veto any decision(s) made by the organization.

    Article IV – Membership

    Section 1: A member shall be selected by the Faculty Council based on scholarship, character, service, and leadership.

    Section 2: A member has active status upon selection and induction until graduation, unless dismissed by the Faculty Council.

    Section 3: At graduation, a member attains graduate status with no further voice or vote in the organization.

    Section 4: Honorary membership may be granted to foreign exchange students whom the Faculty Council feels deserve the honor.

    Article V – Selection Process

    Section 1: The selection process for prospective members shall begin after the grading periods of Term 1 for eligible seniors and Term 2 for eligible sophomores and juniors.

    Section 2: The student who has attained a cumulative 3.6 grade point average or higher will be eligible to complete a student information form which documents the student’s service and leadership in school and the community, as well as includes character references. The faculty as a whole will complete evaluations for each eligible student.

    Section 3: The Faculty Council, consisting of five faculty members, will review the information forms, faculty evaluations, and student records. NHS members will be selected by a majority vote.

    Section 4: Dismissal of a member from the organization shall be by majority vote of the Faculty Council. The member shall have five (5) school days after notification of failure to uphold National Honor Society standards of service, leadership, scholarship, and character, and/or lack of participation in the organization in which to arrange attendance at a dismissal hearing. Arrangements shall be made through the Principal.

    Article VI – Meetings

    Section 1: The meetings of the organization shall be held monthly at a time assigned by the school office.

    Section 2: The NHS President, with approval of the adviser, may call additional meetings as needed.

    Section 3: Members shall attend all meetings and participate in those activities that are voted upon by the membership. Non-attendance at a meeting must be cleared with the adviser prior to the meeting, except if due to absence from school. Failure to attend meetings may result in dismissal from the organization.

    Section 4: The adviser(s) shall attend the meetings, advise the students, and approve all agendas and activities.

    Article VII – Officers, Duties, and Responsibilities

    Section 1: The officers of the organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicity Chair.

    Sections 2: It is the duty of the officers to conduct the meetings and to organize the members to fulfill the activities of the organization. The President shall conduct the meetings, organize the agenda, and prepare necessary materials prior to meetings. The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and assist the President with duties as needed. The Treasurer shall collect and deposit monies and report on such. The Secretary shall record minutes of meetings in the appropriate record book. The Publicity Chair shall advertise activities and prepare newsletters for publication.

    Section 3: The President may appoint other committees as needed.

    Article VIII – Elections

    Section 1: Officers of the organization for the next school year will be elected by a majority vote of sophomores and juniors present at the last meeting of the membership for the year.

    Section 2: Officers of the organization may be removed by a majority vote of the membership for failure to fulfill the duties of their office.

    Section 3: Vacancies that occur in the offices will be filled by majority vote of the membership.

    Article IX – Rules

    Section 1: Meetings will be conducted in an orderly fashion, following standards for parliamentary procedure such as Robert’s Rules of Order.

    Article X – Amending the by-Laws

    Section 1: By-Laws will be ratified by the majority vote of the membership.

    Section 2: Amendments to the By-Laws may be done by a majority vote of the membership at a regular meeting with prior written notification to the membership and advisor(s).