Symphonic Band

  • Course Fees: $60.00 (transportation and uniform), $20.00 (Marching Band Composer Fee), $15.00 (show tshirt), $25.00 (shoe fee-1 st year members only) $50.00 (Rental of School Owned Instruments ONLY) 

    Course Length: 1 Skinny/1 
    Year Credits: 1.0 
    Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 
    Prerequisite(s): Prior school band experience or permission of director
    Course Description: This course provides students with a diversified instrumental music program. Marching Band, Concert Band, Solo and Small Ensembles, and private lessons are the main units of instruction. Students may further their instrumental music experience through membership in Pep Band, Musical Pit Orchestra, and large group ensembles. Lessons are scheduled during the school day. Students have opportunities to perform publicly through a variety of concerts and programs for school and community events. The marching band is a required part of this ensemble and students involved must pay a $60.00 activity fee to cover transportation costs and $15.00 for the composer fee. Students who utilize school owned instruments must pay an additional $50.00 per year for the upkeep of the instruments. This includes percussionists. Percussionists will also need to supply the following items: 1 Stick/Mallet Bag, Concert Snare Sticks, General Timpani Mallets, Medium Rubber Xylophone Mallets, Hard Rubber Bell Mallets, General Yarn Marimba Mallets, a metronome, a practice pad. (A percussion handbook is made available free of charge- with recommendations of brands. The director will help with the research and order of the materials). Concert attire will include concert black and white. Gentlemen should wear black dress pants, black socks, black shoes, a white or black dress shirt and tie. Ladies should wear black dress pants/skirt, black shoes (no flip flops), and a white or black blouse.Dresses in white or black are welcomed. SCHOOL DISTRICT POLICY ON DRESS CODE NEEDS TO BE FOLLOWED!


    4           7:00 PM—Service and Goods Auction (Kestrel Ridge)

    10        Capitol Conference High School Honors Band (Lake Mills)

    16-30 Butter Braid Fundraiser (CHS Music Students)



    3           Craft and Vendor Fair (CMS Gym)

    20        7:00—CHS Winter Concert (CHS Gym)



    21        7:00 PM—Jazz Cabaret (CHS Gym)



    18         Jazz on the Prairie (Sun Prairie HS)

    21        Boxtops for Education Due (8-12 Grade Music Students)

    25        8:00 AM-4:00 PM Solo & Ensemble



    17        7:00 PM—CHS Musical (CHS Gym)

    18        7:00 PM—CHS Musical (CHS Gym)

    19        2:00 PM—CHS Musical (CHS Gym)

    25         6:30 PM--Band-o-Rama (CHS Gym)



    5        Capitol Conference Instrumental Large Group Festival


    21-23 Eau Claire Jazz Festival (UWEC)

    29        8:00 AM-4:00 PM State Solo & Ensemble (UWW)



    1           7:00 PM CHS Spring Band Concert (CHS Gym)

    21        Boxtops for Education Due (8-12 Grade Music Students)

    28        2:00 PM—CHS Graduation (CHS Gym)

    29        9:30 AM—Memorial Day Parade (Hillside Cemetery)



    4           12:00 PM—Fourth of July Parade (Meister Park)