Pit Orchestra

  • Pit Orchestra is offered to selected musicians in the instrumental music program. 

    The parts are assigned by the director based upon the instrumentation that is needed for the school musical.

    Parts that the instrumental music department is unable to cover are filled with musicians from area schools and professionals.

    Students involved with this activity are required to be at all scheduled pit orchestra rehearsals and all performances of the musical. They are also responsible to rehearse their individual parts outside of the organized rehearsals. This will accommodate an efficient rehearsal due to some individuals’ schedule conflicts.

    The experience gives the students an opportunity to explore the area of musical orchestration and what it is like to perform in a professional ensemble.

    Attire is traditional all black which includes top, bottom, socks and shoes. The pit orchestra is responsible for the accompaniment to the performers on stage are so it is important to be heard and not seen as much as possible.