Early Learning Institute

  • Location: Columbus Elementary School - Room 19

    Developmental Screening by licensed professionals plus resources for parents. 
    All Columbus are children ages 2 - 5 years of age who are not yet in Kindergarten.

    Please join us as we celebrate Early Childhood and the learning that happens during this important time!

    Do you have concerns about your child's development? Do you worry that your child's speech and language is delayed? Do you have behavior concerns? The learning and development that takes place in early Childhood is crucial, and that learning is the building blocks for later school success. The Early Learning Institute will give your child the opportunity to play with other children in a social setting and for our professionals to observe and screen your child for any delays. Our staff will answer any questions and concerns about your child's development and give you tools to help guide your child's learning. Our goal is to help every child and their family have the best start once they enter school.

    On the following dates: Feb. 23rd, March 23rd and April 27th from 2:00-3:00 pm.

    Please call today to make an appointment! Call Cori Denk 920.623.5950 x3220 or Karin Westlake 920.623.5950 x1155