• All offers of employment at Columbus School District are contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check. Background checks will be conducted on all final candidates and as deemed necessary.

    Background checks will include:

    • Social Security Verification: validates the applicant's Social Security number, date of birth and former addresses.
    • Prior Employment Verification: confirms applicant's employment with the listed companies, including dates of employment, position held and additional information available pertaining to performance rating, reason for departure and eligibility for rehire. This verification will be run on the past two employers or the previous five years, whichever comes first.
    • Personal and Professional References: calls will be placed to individuals listed as references by the applicant.
    • Educational Verification: confirms the applicant's claimed educational institution, including the years attended and the degree/diploma received.
    • Criminal History: includes review of criminal convictions and probation. The following factors will be considered for applicants with a criminal history:
      • The nature of the crime and its relationship to the position.
      • The time since the conviction.
      • The number (if more than one) of convictions.
      • Whether hiring, transferring or promoting the applicant would pose an unreasonable risk to the business, its employees or its customers and vendors.

    The following additional background searches will be required if applicable to the position:

    • Motor Vehicle Records: provides a report on an individual's driving history in the state requested. This search will be run when driving is an essential requirement of the position.


    Final candidates must complete a background check authorization form and return it to Human Resources.

     Note:  The Columbus School District Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of the Protected Classes of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, creed or religion, genetic information, handicap or disability, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, military service (as defined in 111.32, Wis. Stats.), national origin, ancestry, arrest record, conviction record, use or non-use of lawful products off the District’s premises during non-working sponsored meeting or to participate in any communication with the employer about religious matters or political matters, or any other characteristic protected by law in its employment practices.