Breakfast Menu

  • We are very excited to be recrafting our breakfast program this school year.  We will be offering a hot breakfast at all of the schools three days a week and a full menu of nutritious items the other 2 days. 

    Elementary School – A breakfast cart will be moving from classroom to classroom right at the start of the school day and students will be permitted to eat breakfast in their classrooms.

     Middle School- Breakfast will be available in the cafeteria starting at 7:30 am and foods will be available for ‘grab-n-go’ up until the second bell so that students can take breakfast items to their classrooms to eat.

     High School – Breakfast will be available in a ‘grab-n-go’ between 1st and 2nd  periods


  • Menu Subject to Change without Notice

    Milk served daily - lowfat or fat free white and fat free chocolate

    Portion servings according to grade level 

    Calories-k/cal- Daily

    • K-5 between 550-650
    • 6-8 between 600-700 
    • 9-12 between 750-850

     This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer