March 12, 2020 

  • Dear Parents and Staff, 

    Coronaviris Covid-19 impacts on the District, classroom instruction, school activities and the community are changing rapidly. Just this past week, with the announcements of changes of instruction at UW systems, delay of play for the NBA season, and now the limited audience at the WIAA tournament, Covid-19 has affected not only the world and our state but now the Columbus School District, as the Cardinals will be playing in Beaver Dam tonight with a limited audience. Go Cards! 

    The District realizes Covid-19 is causing some unrest in our community, classrooms and homes. Here are some key points for further understanding: 

    1. Communication comes from many agencies to the District daily regarding Covid-19 to guide our direction and actions. 
      • The District continues to monitor recommendations from the county, state, and federal and local agencies regarding the impact on the district. 
      • The District has a pandemic plan for the safety and well-being of our students and continually updates the actions and strategies within the plan for Covid-19 or any other pandemic. 
    2. Recommendations from local, state, and federal agencies change daily regarding public events. These public events may affect our students, staff, and families (conferences, competitions, sporting events) 
      • The District is in communication with organizers of these events so any changes in plans can be communicated promptly to those involved. 
      • The District is reviewing impacts of recommendations on district hosted events so proper adjustments can be communicated as quickly as possible. 
    3. As Covid-19 is rapidly changing, decisions about district activities may also change rapidly. 
      • The District will communicate promptly regarding events and activities, but because the situation is rapidly changing, yesterday's plan may not be today's plan nor tomorrow’s plan based on most recent recommendations. 

    The District and various members of health personnel teams are monitoring the Covid19 situation to make the safest recommendations for our students, staff and community. As always, our first priority is to ensure that instruction continues and any alterations to the instruction for are students are based on the best information available. The District will continue to assess Covid-19 impacts daily and communicate again when any situations change. 

    Thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation as we navigate this situation together. 

    Very truly, 

    Annette Deuman