Statement Of Unity

  • Dear Families,

    This has been a difficult week throughout our country, state and communities at a time when many people already feel isolated and alone. Because of the current state of health safety, at a time when we need compassion and understanding, we find ourselves more separated emotionally and physically than ever before. We are reaching out today so that our students, families, and staff feel supported and know that resources are available as we all try to process
    what is happening around us.

    The Columbus School District is committed to ensuring that students are safe and loved in our schools and to educating our students, staff, and families on equity and kindness. In addition, our school counselors, teachers, administration, and support staff are here for you. Support for students and families will continue to come from our school teams throughout this week and whenever needed. Please also review school resources available online.

    We believe talking about race and diversity can happen at all ages. In fact, the younger you start having these conversations, the better! They’re Not Too Young To Talk About Race. We know that families are at different places when it comes to talking about race and current events. We also recognize that our students are affected by current events in many different capacities, from their cultural background to their families’ geographical residences, to their loved one’s professions. We affirm the inherent value and worth of all of our students and their families, and we support and advocate for their rights to safety and justice. To help support students and families, below are resources that can help you either start the conversation or build on it.

    Tips for discussing race and current events:

    • Do not be afraid to talk with your child about what is happening. It is helpful to share your feelings and experiences. This will give your child permission to share their feelings and thoughts about this sensitive subject.
    • Start where your child is at by asking what they already know, what they have seen, and if they have any questions or concerns that you could talk about together.
    • Use age-appropriate language and concepts
    • Remind them that there is good in the world. As Mr. Rogers famously said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. '”
      Read a story about local helpers here.
    • Share ideas about how your child can respond if they see or hear something about race or diversity that makes them uncomfortable.
    • Encourage your child to see both sides of a conflict. Protestors are trying to advocate for people’s rights, while the military and police are trying to help with safety. Many people are coming together for peaceful resolution.

    Online resources:

    If you or your family are looking for more support with having these conversations, or if your child is experiencing anxiety because of current situations, please do not hesitate to reach out to your School Counselor or the Director of Student Services.

    Student Services Contact Information

    Lisa Blochwitz, Director of Student Services
    Office Number: 920-350-0356

    Leah Wilson, School Counselor at CES (K-2)/DCS (K-3)
    Google Voice/Text: 619-607-3509

    Grace Kropp, School Counselor at CIS (3-5)/CMS (6)
    Google Voice/Text: 619-624-1808

    Victoria Claas, School Counselor at CMS (7-8)/CHS (9)
    Google Voice/Text: 619-624-1814

    John Crombie, School Counselor at CHS (10-12)
    Google Voice/Text: 619-624-1856