• In anticipation of having students and staff back in our school buildings, the district will implement a variety of health and safety measures. These include the following:

    Temperature Taking

    All students and staff will monitor their temperatures as they leave for our school buildings each day. Students who are riding the bus will monitor their temperatures before they board the bus. Any individuals determined to have a fever will remain at home. 


    Students and staff will be regularly reminded about the importance of proper handwashing. Teachers may allow for more breaks to give students the opportunity to wash their hands, either at a classroom sink or in a restroom. 

    In addition, we will place no-touch hand sanitizer units throughout our buildings. Students and staff will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer regularly.

    Masks and PPE

    Students and staff  will be required to wear masks, per the Governor’s masking order. Additionally, other personal protective equipment (PPE), while in school, will be allowed and encouraged. We are committed to fostering a respectful environment in which there are no stigmas associated with wearing masks or PPE.

    Transitions Between Classes

    To help avoid situations in which large groups of students are gathered in one place, we will adjust the way students move between classrooms and other spaces in our schools. 

    In our elementary schools, at the beginning of the day students will go into specific doors that will be used only by their grade level. While school is in session staggered lunch times will be put in place. A staggered schedule is also going to be used at dismissal to create a streamline process so that larger groups are not intermixed.  Traffic patterns and signage will be in the building to support safety when moving classes. 

    In our middle schools, staff will be moving from classroom to classroom and students will be staying in their cohort room. Grade levels will have specific doors that they need to enter the building (6th and 7th the front doors and 8th grade door 10) and specific traffic patterns that they need to follow when going to lunch, recess, PE, choir or band. Students will have access to the restrooms during their class periods. 

    In our high school, At the high school, students will follow a normal schedule, moving from room to room.  Students will be in grade level cohorts on designated days (Freshmen/Sophomores on Mon/Tues, Juniors/Seniors on Thurs/Friday).  Instead of six classes per day, however, students will have three longer blocks per day.  A staggered release of classes will be implemented to minimize traffic.  When traveling in the hallway, students will follow specific traffic patterns. 

    Drinking Fountains

    Although drinking fountains will continue to function in our schools, we will discourage students from using them. Instead, we recommend that all students bring water bottles to school so that they can refill them at a drinking fountain, water bottle filling stations or sink. Students should not share water bottles with others. 

    Entering/Exiting Schools

    To protect students’ safety, all students will enter and exit each building at one set of doors. Family members should not leave their vehicles when picking up or dropping off students.

    Below are the designated doors at each school building:

    • CES/DCS
      Kindergarten will use playground doors by the kindergarten rooms
      1st grade will use other playground doors by the 1st grade hallway
      2nd grade will use the secured entrance
      DCS will use the Seldon St. entrance
      4k will use the Seldon St entrance
    • CIS
      3rd grade will use the middle doors on School Street
      4th grade will use the gym doors on Richmond Street
      5th grade will use the doors located on the coroner of School Street and Dickason
    • CMS
      6th and 7th Grade Main Entrance Doors
      8th Grade Door 10
    • CHS
      Parking Lot Entrance