• The district will provide meals to children on a daily basis, even if they are not physically in our school buildings on a particular day.

    In-School Cafeteria Procedures

    To avoid situations in which students are gathered in mixed groups, we will adjust our typical breakfast and lunch room service schedule in each of our schools.

    Breakfast will be served in the classroom at CES/DCS and also at CIS/CMS.  A breakfast cart will come to the door of each classroom.  Breakfast at CHS will be served and a select number of students will be released to come to the cafeteria at certain times.

    Lunch will be served in the cafeteria at all campuses following the practices that have been outlined regarding social distancing. Students will eat in cohorts and be released at staggered times so that the cafeterias are at 50% capacity and following CDC guidelines.

    Out-of-School Meal Service

    We have established a process to ensure all students receive meals on each weekday, even if they are not in our buildings. Breakfast and lunch will be available each school day at pick-up locations at specific times at each school. Meals will need to be preordered by parents via the Infinite Campus Store portal for each of their students. Meals will follow meal patterns as outlined in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program.