Technology Resources

  • Chromebook Troubleshooting tips!

    TRY THIS FIRST! These steps can fix multiple issues! Even things like screen not showing up. 

    1. Press and hold Refresh  + tap Power (located on the right side of the laptop). 
    2. When your Chromebook starts up, release Refresh .


    Problem: Meets are not connecting OR disconcted part way through

    Clear your cache! Follow the directions here: Clear Cache in Google Chrome


    Problem: I get random pop up messages! Some of them are inappropraite

    Let's block those Notifications. Follow the directions here: Remove Unwanted Popups!


    Problem: My Chromebook will not charge!

    Sometimes, when the Chromebooks get too low on battery, they do no like to charge. Here are some steps you can take to get them going. 

    1. Take the plug out of the laptop and plug it back in until the light stays on. Do this no more than 5 times, then move on to the next one. 
    2. Plug the Chromebook in and open it! The Chromebook tries to start when it is that low, and when the screen is closed, the device will not start. 
    3. Plug the cable directly in to a wall, not a sruge protctor. 
    4. Leave it plugged in and open overnight.  

    Problem: My on screen keybaord keeps showing up!

    Therea are times when the on screen keyboard comes up and the regular one doesn't work. Try these steps!

    1. Carefully fold the chromebook over into its tablet mode and back. 
    2. Shut the laptop off by pressing the power button on the side and then tapping shutdown on the screen. 

    iPad Troubleshooting 

    If the iPad is frozen, press and hold the Power button then press and hold the home button, until the iPad reboots.  

    Other Instrucitonal Issues 

    Check out these other resouces for Google Apps

    WiFi Hot Spot (MiFi)

    If you got one of the hot spots provided by the District, here are some tips on how to use it.

    Power: The power button is located in the upper right. Press and HOLD to turn on. 

    Charging: You connect the carger to the USB port on the bottom of the hot spot.

    Connecting Devices: With the device on, tap on Wi-Fi Name/Password. You will be given the WiFi Name and WiFi Password. 
    The Wifi Name is what the device will detect as the name of the wireless you can connect to. 
    When you try to connect to the Wifi, it will ask for a password. The Password is the one given on the device. 


    Si tienes uno de los puntos que el Distrito te proporciona, aquí tienes algunos consejos sobre cómo usarlo.

    Poder: El botón de encendido está ubicado en la parte superior derecha. Presione y MANTENGA presionado para encenderlo.

    Cargando: Conectas el cargador al puerto USB en la parte inferior del punto caliente.

    Conexión de los dispositivos: Con el dispositivo encendido, toca en Nombre/Contraseña de Wi-Fi. Se le dará el Nombre y la Contraseña de WiFi.
    El Nombre de WiFi es lo que el dispositivo detectará como el nombre del dispositivo inalámbrico al que te puedes conectar.
    Cuando intentes conectarte a la Wifi, te pedirá una contraseña. La contraseña es la que se da en el dispositivo.  


    Tech Support Contacts

    Google Hangout:
    Phone (Voicemail): 920.623.5950 x2222
    Hours Of Operation: 7:30AM - 4:00PM