• January 31, 2022


    Request for Proposal
    District Administrator Search Consultant
    Columbus School District

    The Columbus School District Board of Education is seeking proposals from Administrator Search Consultant Firms for assistance in recruiting and hiring a new District Administrator. The current administrator has announced their intention to retire at the end of the current school year, effective July 1, 2022. The Board would like to begin the process of planning for succession, with a goal of selecting a successor by April 20th, 2022.

    The Columbus School District fosters educational equity, empowers staff to meet the needs of our exceptional learners, and leads our community in preparing all students to be community, career and college ready.  CSD believes all children can learn at high levels and remains firm in this conviction, while guiding staff in their professional journey and collaborating with families.

    The Columbus School District is a PreK – 12 school district of approximately 1,360 PK-12 students with three buildings located in the heart of the city of Columbus.   Our buildings house five schools (Columbus Elementary, Discovery Charter, Columbus Intermediate, Columbus Middle and Columbus High Schools) to serve our growing enrollment.  The student population demographics are: 27.6% free or reduced lunch, 12.1% non-white students, and 13.7% students with disabilities.  The entire community is proud of the continued success of our students with 97.7% of our students graduating with their cohorts.  Assuming your interest in providing services to the Columbus School District, we ask that your proposal include, along with any other materials you may choose to submit, a summary explaining your preferred process for the search for a superintendent. That summary may include the following, depending on the nature of that process:

    •        An outline of a proposed timeline;
    •       A description of your proposed process of planning for the search, including the process of determining desired qualifications;
    •       A description of proposed strategies for recruitment and solicitation of interest to obtain a list of qualified candidates;
    •       A description of your proposed process of selection following development of a list of qualified candidates;
    •       A description of any proposed post-appointment services;
    •      The proposed fee or method of calculating the fee for your services, including any appropriate pricing

     Additionally, The Columbus School District Board of Education is seeking a process with a significant community engagement component. Please include in your proposal the strategies and experience your firm has with engaging the community in the search process.

     Please submit one (1) pdf file of the entire proposal (for reproduction purposes) to the email addresses listed below:

    Julie Hajewski
    Board of Education President

    Tammy Sether

    Please mark the subject line of the email “District Administrator Search Consultant Proposal.” Proposals are due via email no later than 12:00 p.m. (Central Time), Monday, February 14th.  Due to the tight timeline, early submissions are appreciated.  The board anticipates a virtual or in-person meeting with a select number of finalists between February 16-27 to review their superintendent search proposal in person. This meeting will offer an opportunity for the board to ask questions about the proposed process and timeline. These proposals and meetings are to be prepared and conducted at no cost to the Columbus School District.

    The Columbus School District anticipates selecting the finalist firm on or before Monday, February 28th, with notification of selection on or before Tuesday, March 1st, 2022. After final firm selection, the Columbus School District will further negotiate on timelines, tools, and processes as appropriate.

    If there are questions or additional information needed, please feel free to email Julie Hajewski at jhajewski@columbus.k12.wi.us.  Any additional information requested will be shared with all firms participating in this RFP process.