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Board of Education
  • The Board of Education meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month in the Columbus Elementary School (200 Fuller St),  unless posted otherwise.   

    These meetings are videotaped and broadcast on the local cable channel (Charter).  The school board meetings air on the SCHOOL channel which is Charter analog 95 and Charter digital 981.1. The times are at 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM Monday-Sunday. You can also view past School Board Meetings on the Columbus Cable Channel.

    State law permits the Board to go into closed session only to discuss personnel matters, property acquisition, consult with attorneys, etc. These sessions must be posted and all action taken must conform with the requirements of the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law, Statute 19.85.
    All meeting notices are sent to local media. The Board of Education serves the public and all of its meetings, including committee meetings, are open to the community. Public attendance and input are encouraged by the Board of Education.
    The Board of Education takes action on matters only in formal session with a majority of members present. The Board President serves as the spokesperson for the School Board's position on all items related to the public schools.
    Functions of the Board of Education include:  establishing policies; approving and overseeing the school district budget; serving as good stewards of taxpayer funds; levying taxes; hiring/supervising Superintendent; and representing constituents, soliciting input on key decisions, and listening to concerns/needs of the community.


    Board Officers (elected April 22, 2024):

    President - Julie Hajewski
    Vice President - John Pearson
    Treasurer - Corey Ohlson-Rappe
    Clerk - Martha Rule

School Board Committees

  • CESA 5 Delegate - Mike O'Brien

    WASB Voting Delegate - Martha Rule

    Governance Committee - Julie Hajewski, Lee Trask and Superintendent

    Legislative Committee - John Pearson and Tessie Sharrow and Martha Rule

    Linkages Committee - Martha Rule and John Pearson

Current Board Members

School Board Members