Board Policies / Policy Governance

  • In order to maximize its efforts, the Columbus School Board uses a method of school district governance known as Policy Governance.

    Under Policy Governance, the school board's central job is to set specific goals, known as Ends, and to ensure that these goals are met. Policy Governance clearly delineates roles for Board members and administrators. The Board establishes parameters for the accomplishment of ends.

    This method of governance details how the board and administration will work together to accomplish the Ends or goals.

    The links on the left contain documents that detail the Ends the board established for the District. They also specifically explain what limitations the board has placed on the administration in accomplishing its goals. Finally, the documents on board/superintendent relations illustrates how the board and the superintendent plan to work together to achieve the desired Ends.

    You are invited to review these documents. If you have a question, please contact Superintendent Annette Deuman at (920) 623-5950.


    District Policies & Regulations
    The second type of policies are District Policy and Regulations. These policies are used by administration and are listed by numbers. The link will take you to the District Policy and Regulations page.

    All Board and District policies are reviewed periodically and revised. The Board policies are reviewed on a set schedule (look at GP-8E).   (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view.)