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Online School Registration

  • Welcome to Columbus School District! Thank you for registering your student. We do all of our registration online using the links below. 

    July 1, 2020 through July 31, 2020

    Registration Tips!

    • When starting the application, if you do not see the window pop up, check to see if it was blocked. You may be required to turn off your pop up blocker in your web browser. 
    • Once you have started registration, there are links to forms and documents. When you click on them, they will open in a new window. To get back to the registration page, please minimize the window that appeared. Please do NOT log back in, this will cause you to restart the registration. The current one will be active in the background.
    • If you are a 4K parent who registered your student in the spring, you should register as a returning parent.
    • After you complete registration you can log back into the portal and pay your fees. Fees can also be paid at the school offices via cash, check, or credit card. There are step by step guides listed below for how to complete these steps.
  • The following forms must be filled out by both new and existing parents. 

    The following will need to be printed and filled in: 
    Permission for Administration of Medication
    This only needs to be filled out if your child requires medicine during the school day. Please return to the School Office. 

     Application for Free / Reduced Lunch
    **NOTE** These applications must be filled out every year.


    Registering for Transportation:

    • During the registration application period, you may complete the Transportation Form(located in online registration). If your student’s primary (or secondary in the case of a dual family) is in the green or tan/peach area, of the maps listed below, you may register for transportation during this time. The District cannot guarantee a bus on the first day of school for registrations that are submitted after the application deadline on July 31, 2020.
    • On August 1, the day after registration closes, parents who have registered for transportation will receive an email with “Get on the Bus” details including how to access your new parent portal that will give real time route and bus information, how to contact the driver/company, etc.
    • Between August 15 and August 28, Lamers will plan routes and stop times. Parents who have registered for transportation for their children will receive route details available to them online via their transportation portal by August 28 and mailed to them (sent August 28).
    • Buy-A-Seat application forms will be available on 9/1/2020.
      • Existing students on the Buy-A-Seat program will automatically roll over.


New Families

  • Please follow this link to get information about the District and Enrollment.

    Please fill out a demographic form for each of your students by clicking here.
    This information will allow us to create accounts for your children in our computer system.
    Then you will be able to complete the full registration online through a login that will be set up for you.

    We will need to view your student's birth certificates, and your proof of residency. Accepted documents for proof of residency consist of a deed, building permit, rental agreement, tax statement, utility bill or completion of Form 5111 F2.
    This documentation is required before your children can attend and be scheduled in any classroom(s).
    If applicable, we will need a copy of any legal documents pertaining to custody, guardianship, primary placement, or foster parent rights. This is to ensure data security of your student's records and information.
    The documentation can be uploaded during online registration. Pictures taken of the documents are acceptable, they just need to be legible.
    If the documents are not uploaded, or you would like to provide this information outside of registration, we have some other options to review them.

    Option #1:
    If you have a copy of your student's birth certificate and proof of residency(a picture of the document will do), then we can schedule a Google Hangouts meeting with our Registrar that you then could share your screen for review. To schedule a documents review meeting, please email

    Any other types of legal documents must be sent via Option #2.

    Option #2:
    Mail a copy of the birth certificate or legal document to the District Office at:

    Columbus School District
    Attn: Chet Bembenek
    200 W School St
    Columbus, WI 53094

    **Note - birth certificate copies will not be kept on file and will be shredded appropriately.

    To schedule a school tour or for questions outside of registration, please contact the following:

    High School:
    Principal: Mr. Jonathan Rouse
    (920)623-5950 ext. 2101

    Assistant Principal & Activities Director: Mr. Joseph Schneider
    (920)623-5950 ext. 2100

    Middle School:
    Principal: Mrs. Cori Denk
    (920)623-5950 ext. 3220

    Assistant Principal: Geoffrey Baumann
    (920)623-5950 ext. 3101

    Intermediate School:
    Principal: Mrs. Beth Hellpap
    (920)623-5950 ext. 1111

    Assistant Principal: Geoffrey Baumann
    (920)623-5950 ext. 3220

    Elementary/Discovery Charter School:
    Principal: Mrs. Beth Hellpap
    (920)623-5950 ext. 1111

    Dean: Mrs. Karin Westlake
    (920)623-5950 ext. 1155