The Need

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  • While studying district facilities and developing a long-range plan, it was determined that the District’s most pressing needs fall into four key areas:

    Aging Infrastructure AGING INFRASTRUCTURE Elementary Capacity ELEMENTARY CAPACITY
    High School Upgrades HIGH SCHOOL UPGRADES Land Purchase LAND PURCHASE



    While the District has, and continues to, update building infrastructure as much as possible, needs continue at all three schools including:

    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) –elevators/lifts, bathroom access, doors, etc.
    • Building systems –plumbing heating/ventilation, electrical systems, etc.
    • Exterior building –doors, windows, masonry tuckpointing, etc.



    Over the past nine years the District’s enrollment has increased by 17% and is projected to keep growing.

    • Current space shortage required relocation of 3rd grade to the intermediate/middle school last year.
    • Projections point to moderately increasing district enrollment.
    • Lack of space at elementary school results in students learning in less than optimal spaces/environments.



    While the high school has served us well, many of the spaces are not configured or equipped to support the needs of today’s students including:

    • Career Tech Ed (shop) classrooms and labs are not configured to support Agri-Science, engineering, robotics, and other current curricular needs .
    • Many classrooms lack the flexibility needed for project-based and hands-on learning.
    • The current weight/fitness center is not served by an elevator making it not easily accessible for some students and community members.



    The District does not own land beyond the three current school properties, all of which are undersized to support school, athletic, extra-curricular and community demands. In addition, there is no current district-owned property that is large enough to support future construction of a school or outdoor fields/recreation spaces.