The Investment

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  • Since 2014, the District’s mill rate, which is used to calculate property taxes, has decreased by $2.58 ($258.00 per
    $100,000 of property value).

    Past 10 Years' Mill Rate

    The Mill Rate over 10 years started at 10.27 in 2010-20100 and is down to 8.70 in 2019-2020

    Columbus's Mill Rate Compared to Other Districts in the Area

    Columbus Mill Rate compared to other districts in the area

    Tax Impact

    Referendum Amount
    (mill rate per $1,000)
    Fair Market Property Value Estimated Annual Estimated Monthly
    $100,000 $162.00 $13.50
    $200,000 $324.00 $27.00
    $300,000 $486.00 $40.50

    Assumptions | Two-phased borrowing approach (2020 and 2021), each with a 20-year amortization; Estimated interest rates ranging from 3.50% to 3.75%; First tax impact will be noted on tax bills received in December 2020 (due in 2021); Estimated District Equalized Valuation Growth of 2.00% through 2021, 0.00% thereafter; and State Aid Reimbursement of 5% (current tertiary level). Information provided by PMA Securities.


    Here is a link to the Wisconsin Department Of Revnue Guide for Property Owners. This will advise you on how to locate the Fair Market Value of your property on you Tax Bill.