Negative Meal Account Balances

It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to keep your family account current.  Please remember to keep a positive balance in your account. Student account balances can be checked via the Infinite Campus Portal or stop in or call the school district.  Envelopes are available in each school office. There will be weekly reminders sent out through Infinite Campus and email when a student has a negative meal account balance.

Students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to check their meal balances on their home screen of infinite campus daily.  Cashiers do not have access to account balance information.  As students are learning fiscal responsibility, please contact the Food Service Director about ala carte blocks that can be placed on student accounts.  

If students take food from the serving line, it is the responsibility of the student to pay for the food taken.  We will not be removing food from trays and throwing it in the garbage.  If it is possible to safely return an item to the serving line, we will do so.

The family name on the food service account will be held responsible for payments. Statements will no longer be mailed to your family. Please provide an e-mail address for updates on your account balance. You may also check your balances on the Infinite Campus site.

The parent portal has a notification box that can be updated for a low balance email to be sent to you. The Food Service program recommends that you set that amount at $15.