Columbus School Nutrition Services

The goal of the Columbus School District Nutrition Services Department is to provide nutritious meals for our students-working to improve the diet and overall health of our children.  School meals help students sustain the energy they need to be successful in the classroom.

All schools in the Columbus District participate in the USDA child nutrition programs, including the National School Lunch Program and/or School Breakfast Program.  

The district is committed to ensuring that:

* All meals meet or exceed current nutrition requirements established under the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010

*All meals are accessible to all students

* Withholding food as punishment shall be prohibited

*All meals are appealing and attractive and served in clean, pleasant settings

*Drinking water is available for students at water bottle filling stations

*Menus shall be posted on the District website 

* All school nutrition staff shall meet or exceed hiring and annual continuing education/training requirements in the USDA professional standards for child nutrition professionals

In addition, Nutrition Services supports the District's vision of creating a global learning experience in rural Wisconsin by offering Heritage Day menus reflective of our students and world events.

Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act Fact Sheet


Breakfast encourages Students to Thrive! Students who qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch also qualify for free or reduced-price breakfast. Making sure our students have a strong start to their day is one of the most important things we can do for them. Eating breakfast helps students succeed in the classroom. Students who participate in school breakfast show improved attendance, behavior, and academic performance, as well as decreased tardiness.